Maintenance FAQ

Cranes periodic inspection is very important to ensure that your crane is service worthy. It's actually a requirement for safety as the sudden malfunction of the equipment could be hazardous and/or unproductive. Certainly, maintaining the equipment extends its lifetime.

Al-Darwish offers experienced and certified inspectors for cranes and hoists with the convenient working procedures and reviewing your documentation to comply with the industry standards.

Cranes inspection is very important to ensure that your crane is service worthy. Daily inspection of the crane basic functions is highly recommended before loading the crane. Operator should check the function of brakes, limit switches and rope / chain. Regular inspection by experienced technicians is important every 3 months. Annual inspection is also carried out by our expert engineers and technicians to ensure all crane components are performing as standard.

Our highly skilled team ensures they apply world class maintenance operations as standards. we keep tracking of your crane status in our databases and recommendations to ensure maximum service life of the equipment. As the agents of KULI Hebezeuge, we carry out all maintenance procedures as per the manufacturer standard with all day support from maker makes our work 100% guaranteed!

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